The S-OS system is a flexible collection of technologies that feed and feed off the S-OS API and database.

It consists of:

Mobile Apps: Android, iOS, java.


These Apps provides users with an intimate window on the S-OS System. The App integrates:

The integration of the above processes through Mobile Apps allows event organisers to track and steer visitor flow, gain a real-time sense of the mood of the event and responsively feed visitors information, opportunities and incentives.



The Probes are sensing devises placed strategically around an event/site/city. The Probes provide a focus for public interaction, providing feedback to visitors through dynamic visualisations, information. They also capture real-time information adding another layer of mood sensing.

Probes are bespoke systems for locations which range from buildings, festival sites and remote windswept landscape. Probes fit into a class of technology topically described as the Internet of Things. They may be equipped with:

Probe technologies overlap with the remote and local sensing systems developed for OP-SY.com.



The S-OS Web-Engine manages and synchronises the interactions between all of the above processes. The server side system provides an administrative backend to the website, apps and probes and an analytics tool which looks for patterns and behaviours in the data collected. The Web-Engine integrates the following processes: